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Attachment Recycler

As has now been implemented by Atlassian, this addon will probably be discontinued at some point.



What does it do

This plugin will intercept users manually deleting page attachments, and store them separately, enabling further review and optional restoration/download/deletion.

All operations are manual at this point, future work will automate the purging of deleted files.

Installation and Usage Walkthrough


Search for 'Attachment Recycler' in the Confluence Unversal Plugin Manager, install it, and obtain an evaluation license.


Page level

After installing and licensing, you will be able to access the Attachment Recycler menu option on the Page/Tools drop-down menu:


In this example, all attachments have been deleted from a page:

Accessing the Attachment Recycler menu option shows the captured files:

The files can be individually Downloaded, Restored, or Deleted permanently.  Restoring a file results in:

Looking back at this issue, the result attachments via the atts link in the navigation links, the file is returned, no harm done!

Space Level

To get an overview of recycler content at the Space level, (currently) Space Administrators can access a new Tab under the SpaceTools/ContentTools menu :

Recent space activity

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