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Add On NameAsciimath for Confluence
CompatibilityConfluence 4.3.x - 5.x
LicenseCommercial (but currently free to use)
Sourcenot available


This page describes how to use the \{math\} wiki markup to put mathematics on the page. \{math\} uses something called ASCIIMath to do the actual displaying of the mathematics (a client side javascript library, tested with IE6/IE7/FF3). In this guide, examples, display options, a comprehensive list of symbols and some troubleshooting tips are given.

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Whenever entering maths markup in a page you are editing, you have to enter the maths environment . You do this in the same way you enter any environment - surround it with the name of the wiki markup. So enter \{math\} ... some mathematical equations ... \{math\}. There are two types of syntax you can use to type your mathematical expressions - a 'calculator-like' syntax allows you to specify things as you might on a calculator - e.g 'x/(y+1)' or 'x^4+y^5'. For those wishing more control, a TeX-like syntax can also be used. This means that you should be able to copy and past equations from LaTeX examples should you have the .tex file. You can mix and match the calculator-like and TeX-like syntaxes.
You can also find guides at:

Alternatively, search google for ASCIIMath (possibly with the word tutorial) and see what comes up.
The Math (ASCIIMath) Plugin is compatible with Confluence v2.8+. An option is available for older installations of Confluence: ASCIIMath plugin for older versions of Confluence.


Instead of giving a large tutorial, lots of examples are given. Sometimes, certain points are made clear but hopefully you should get the gist of how ASCIIMath works just by seeing it in action (see image top right). Note that it is necessary to show the examples as images instead of actual MathML renderings because the ASCIIMath plugin itself is not installed on this particular instance of Confluence. The images used are real screen captures from Firefox 3.0x using Confluence with ASCIIMath installed.

Normally when you use \{math\} markup the mathematical expressions inside will be displayed inline - that is it will be merged in with the surrounding paragraph text. You can put \{math\} in lists, in tables, in headings, can color them, etc - just as you'd expect. Sometimes you may wish to emphasize a particular piece of mathematics and/or label it so you can refer back to it.

{include:ASCIIMath Display Options}

Here are all the symbols you can use and their markup. It should be pointed out that they are pretty much identical to the LaTeX markup except that latex markup are always preceeded with a \ (backslash).


This section may be useful if you are having problems authoring or displaying the mathematics.

{include:ASCIIMath Troubleshooting}

Version History

1.3 Compatibility with 4.3.x / 5.x
1.2.1 Includes a range of anti XSS measures by default, that can be disabled via plugin config page.
1.1.2 Enables administrators to configure 'download' text message, as well as improving ability to block IE6 from using external CGI, if configured to do so
1.1.1 Enables administrators to configure whether IE users should be allowed to fall-back to externally hosted CGI rendering of Math Markup, or be prompted for the installation of the Math Player plugin CASCII-1
1.1.0 Plugin released in repository, automatic download of dependant .css and .js files

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