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(info) Work in progress.

JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Fisheye/Crucible  - SU

 JIRA SU is an admin extension, enabling administrators to take on identity of users for setup/testing/etc.


JIRA - Enterprise Message Handler (JEMH)

JEMH is an Enterprise Mail Handler for JIRA, providing extensive features for handling and routing of email, as well as a range of customization extension points.

JIRA - Sync Agent (JSA)

 JEMH Sync integrates with JEMH to provide two way replication of issue content, including attachments and workflow.


JIRA - Log Tailer (ALT)

 Log Tailer for JIRA, provides live multi-user web-based log tailing for all logs within JIRA_HOME


Confluence - Attachment Recycler (ATTRECYC)

 Attachment Recycler provides users with a safety net for Attachments by providing a Recycler, from which files may be recovered and re-attached back onto the page.


Other unreleased plugins

These need to be updated/refreshed

  • Latex Plugin for Confluence

  • ASCIIMATH Plugin for Confluence

  • HTML Include Replace for Confluence

  • JSnoopa for JIRA

In progress plugins

  • Log Tailer for Confluence
  • XMPP Transport for JEMH




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