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This addon is primarily targeting JRA-6354 , to provide versatile properties for users, that are accessible to 3rd party addons in the system as well.

Marketplace Entry

For download, pricing and version compatbility, see the Pluggable User Properties entry on Atlassian Marketplace.

Who Creates User Properties?

The system admin creates properties that apply to all users.  User Properties have both a unique key (to the set of User Properties), as well as an on-screen Name:

What are the Types of User Properties?

  • Text (single line)
  • Single Select
  • Multi-Select
  • Password  (warning) this type only stops non-editors (and API users) from seeing the property values.  No encryption is used in the database at this time.
  • Checkbox

Who can see User Properties?

When the system admin creates the property, each property can be scoped with multiple groups that may 'view' that property when browsing a user profile, eg, "jira-users" would restrict visibility to logged in account holders, "accounting" might limit viewing to just that group.
User Properties are visible on user-profile pages subject to the group-restriction defined by the admin (initially, can be overridden later on a per-user basis)

Who can edit User Properties?

When the system admin creates the property, there is a checkbox that allows users to manage their own fields, edited through their own User Profile.  This enables 'readonly' User Properties and 'readwrite' User Properties:

For users who can edit properties, the group icon allows specific groups visibility of those fields, here you can see that the  visibility for Another Field is set to jira-developers.

Edit time visibility restriction (user self edit)After becoming another User with SU, the editable aspect is not there, and the property is hidden


How to get access to the User Properties via API?

User Property definitions are accessible through an API (to be published).

Got Issues?

Currently, when this addon is installed after the JEMH HipChat Transport that uses it, initially it will not be 'found' in that addon. A JIRA restart is required to make things work. This issue will be fixed in a future update to the JEMH HipChat Transport.


Example Addons using Pluggable User Properties

Addon linkDescription

The HipChat Transport for JEMH provides custom notification support from IssueEvents and Postfunctions using HipChat. In addition to static room notification, combined with User Properties, its possible for the JEMH Transport to use the standard Notification Scheme to derive IssueEvent Users to notify, but instead of sending email, sending a HipChat notification instead, to a user specified room. The point of this is that email could be dropped entirely in favour of a per-user HipChat room.

For a walk through of setting up User Properties in this case see - Configure the HipChat Transport#AdvancedSetup-Dynamicuser-specificroomselection

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