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To create a new URL blacklisting rule press Create a Blacklisted Image URL which will create a new URL blacklisting rule with some placeholder configuration. Pressing the pencil icon next to the new rule will allow this placeholder configuration to be modified.

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The URL of the image to be blacklisted can be defined as a regular expression within the Blacklist Image URL text field. Pressing Submit will save the configuration.

Blacklist a specific image via an exact URL match:

First of all obtain the exact URL of the image, you can find this by examining the content of an existing JIRA field and looking at the for the image URL within ! ! tags. In this example I am blacklisting an image of a goldfish via an exact URL match:

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Blacklist all non HTTPS images via a Regular Expression match:

This is a basic example of how you could use a regular expression to match many different images without having to do an exact URL match. In this scenario we want to blacklist any images from being included if they are not loaded via HTTPS, this can be achieved by blacklisting all HTTP loaded images which will only allow HTTPS images to be loaded.

Using the following regular expression will blacklist all HTTP loaded images:

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