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In progress

We have been adding some config configuration section-exports in JEMH, (e.g. image blacklisting) but as yet have not added the import aspect to JEMHC.


As JEMHC is remote, the JEMHC app retrieves mail from mailservers mail servers you configure over SSL transport for common protocols (POP/IMAP/EWS). By default, JEMHC currently retains a very limited rolling window of the 100 latest mails in full (for mail under 10MB), encrypted (at rest) in our database, residing in the AWS Virginia datacenterdata center. We do this as part of auditing to allow failed mails to be retried. Users can opt out of this (requires support interaction to re-enable), doing this would impact our abiltiy ability to support you with processing problems.


On receipt, webhooks are stored, encrpytedencrypted, in a FIFO queue that JEMHC subsequently processes. As JEMHC reads webhook data, we create an Auditing > Events record containing this data, also encrypted at rest. JEMHC then makes calls back to your instance to fill in the blanks about the issue, that data is stored in our DB. JEMHC also stores a ‘Report’ of the webhook Event processing, again, we retain only the most recent 100 for diagnostic purposes. Having the event data is key in you being able to create a custom template and preview what it will really look like.


This has not been implemented in cloud at this time.

Workflow Transition Attachments Custom Field

The Workflow Transition Attachments Custom Field used to select attachments to send in JEMH post-functions in JEMH Server/DC is not yet available in JEMH Cloud.

Template Sets

JEMH Server/DC templates are not compatible with JEMHC as the Velocity context driving the template renders are different.

In JEMH Server/DC notification templates relate to events fired by Jira, these are not directly applicable in Cloud (we get a much coarser granularity of create/update/commented events), also the . Server/DC templates inherit effectively from the host Jira application , - they use Jira provided macros and CSS, these are not available in cloud, so we have had to rebuild from scratch, and make them specific to the JSON webhook data that Jira sends (for inclusion of data in the notification).

Template Themes

JEMH Server/DC templates and CSS 'theme' content is not compatible with JEMHC.


We don’t support migrating audit history from JEMH Server/DC to JEMHC , in Server/DC customer as JEMH Server is able to retain unlimited volumes of data. In JEMHC (with customer opt-out) we can store the most recent 100 inbound and outbound messages for your diagnostic purposes.