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Comment Header

Allows customized prefixes to be injected into created descriptions/comments, for example to list email headers, like to: from: cc:, there is a basic and a detailed version.

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Issue Event

Allows per-even customized content. On creation, copies of the related JIRA template TEXT,HTML and Subjects are loaded. Custom events are also supported.

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HintOgram Template

If enabled, JEMH can summarize processing problems to the remote user, or an override recipient, TEXT, HTML and Subject can be customized.

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If for some reason an email is not selected for processing or fails processing, it will be forwarded to a nominated user (admin), the content of the email contains information about the email, describing why it wasn't processed.



All TemplateSets can be copied within JEMH or exported/imported to allow migration between environments.




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Selection of Templates


  1. Go to JEMH>Event Listener/Notifications

  2. Scroll down to the Transports>Email section and choose either the Non-JIRA notifications or JIRA notifications tab

  3. Click Edit


    on the project of your choice

  4. Scroll down to the Event Template Selection section

  5. Find the event type for which you have created a custom template, and open the drop down menu on the right.  You should see your custom template:

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  6. Press Submit to save your changes

  7. When expanding the mapping, you should see that the custom template is now selected:

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Ensuring Templates will be used

Some custom issue templates work automatically, such as Issue Created or Issue Commented. However for others, such as Issue Resolved or Issue Updated, the Jira Workflow Transitions must be edited in order to ensure that the correct issue event is fired which will tell JEMH to use your custom template. Once you have created your template and selected it in the Event Handler/Notifications section for the related event, you need to modify the Workflow for your project.

  1. In your project, go to Project Settings>Workflows and click edit

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  2. Click on a transition that you want your template set to be used on (For example, for ‘Issue Resolved’ you might want the ‘In Progress → Done’ transition)

  3. Go to the ‘Post Functions’ tab

  4. If a ‘Generic Event’ is being fired (Or Event ID:

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    13) then edit this and select ‘Issue Resolved’. If there is no Issue Event being fired, click ‘Add post function’ and choose ‘Fire Event’

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each transition that you want your custom issue event templates to be used on

  6. Save these changes to the workflow

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