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Use of JEMH is subject to the terms of the its End User License Agreement (EULA). Terms are non-negotiable.

Editions of JEMH

On 31st August 2018, JEMH was split into two “editions”:

  • JEMH for Jira Server

  • JEMH for Jira Data Center

Server editions are currently licensed through us, The Plugin People Ltd. Licenses are not interchangeable between editions and transfers are not creditable.

Atlassian ending Jira Server license sales in February 2021

Atlassian has set out its plans to phase-out its Server branded offering in order to focus on its Cloud and Data Center versions.

February 2, 2021 PT

End of sale for new server licenses for Atlassian products

May 1, 2021 PT

End of new server app submissions on Marketplace

February 2, 2022 PT

End of upgrades and downgrades for server products and apps

February 2, 2023 PT

End of server app sales for existing licenses

February 2, 2024 PT

End of support for Atlassian server products and apps

Future of JEMH for Server

We expect that most smaller sized customers will move to Cloud, with larger ones choosing either Data Center or Cloud as per their requirements. For those in the middle its a tough choice for the smallest 500 user Data Center option - clearly the impetus of Atlassian is to push for the cloud. That aside, JEMH Server has no specific end date for our vendor issued Server licenses. Conceivably, we would be able to keep selling (1y term) server licenses beyond FEB 2024 if the demand was there, but we expect that the lack of Atlassian product support would be sufficient motivation for businesses to move to DC/cloud.

Whilst still feasible to do so, we would continue to keep JEMH ‘current’ in terms of features, but at our discretion, that may stop, and JEMH could fall into maintenance only, such that our obligation would be limited to bugfixes only.

Current Server/DC features not in cloud

As yet we don’t have scripting support, we need to do this carefully and securely in a way that does not have performance impact for other users.

Data Center edition licensing

Licensing for Data Center editions is done via Atlassian and the Atlassian Marketplace. Atlassian Data Center licensing is per-year with no indefinite right to use. Licenses must be repurchased every year and upon expiry will cease to function. The minimum seat count for Software is currently 500 users, if you look at Jira Service Management, its tiers start at 50. JEMH DC pricing is shown on the JEMH Marketplace entry.

First-time install or migrating from the server version?


To ensure a smooth installation:

  1. Uninstall JEMH - do not worry, this will not delete its configuration from the database

  2. Upgrade the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager Plugin (UPM) to the latest available version

  3. Search for JEMH via the UPM's "Find new apps" page and install again - this should get you the correct edition for your Jira environment

Data Center Quotes

Please see the Marketplace entry for JEMH Pricing on DC.  We don't quote DC because Marketplace does that:, we offer existing 'crossgrading' customers with more than 1000 users a 15% discount whilst they are in maintenance, that we would issue at the time of purchase, see One off Crossgrade discount (see below)

Purchase a license of JEMH for Jira Data Center

Evaluation licenses

Get a free trial of JEMH for Jira Data Center

New, Maintenance and Upgrade licenses

All Data Center customers who want to use JEMH versions released after 31st August 2018 must use Atlassian Marketplace where all JEMH Data Center quoting and billing occurs.

Quotes/existing orders

All newly issued quotes contain a notice that indicates they are for Jira Server only. Such licenses will not be valid for Data Center installations of JEMH in releases made after 31st August 2018. As all sales are final, customers should be sure what type of license they need prior to ordering. Outstanding invoices issued prior to 31st August 2018 will be honoured and licenses will continue to work in Data Center configuration as before. Payments against expired quotes will be returned, minus costs.

Server licenses issued before 31 AUG 2018

Customers who have a valid non-expired JEMH Server license issued prior to 31 AUG 2018 are still able to use it in Jira Data Center installations with all JEMH versions released until the license expires, perpetually.

Using JEMH on Jira Data Center versions below 7.4

We haven't pushed DC Marketplace licensing support below Jira 7.4.  If you are running Jira Data Center 7.3 or earlier you may continue to to request Server licenses, but such licenses are conditionally sold that they only work on JEMH versions released prior to 31 AUG 2018.

If you upgrade to a later Jira version with any version of JEMH made after 31 AUG 2018 and are clustered, the license will not be functional. There is no transfer or credit system for this scenario, and a full Marketplace license would be needed.

Server to Data Center

New Data Center instances of JEMH require a new JEMH DC license purchased through Marketplace. There is no credit for unused server maintenance, each license type runs its own course.

Crossgrade discount (Server > DC) discount

We no longer offer upgrade discounts from Server to DC. All DC license purchases would be at list price. No credit is available for unused server maintenance.


JEMH Server licenses issued prior to 31st August 2018 will continue to be valid perpetually in new DC builds, until they expire.  Newly purchased Server licenses are not valid for Data Center editions of JEMH. There is no transfer from a Server license to DC, or from DC to Server.

Data Center pricing

The latest pricing for the Data Center version of JEMH can be found via the Atlassian Marketplace listing.

JEMH Server edition licensing

Evaluation licenses

A free 30 day evaluation license can be gained after the add-on has been installed through the JEMH Licensing screen.  The Web evaluations are single initial use only, for extensions, please mail and include the TEXT Organisation and Server ID (from the JEMH license screen) to avoid typo's on our end as we transcribe from screenshot!

(info) Excessive free-checkouts will result in: cart error: free checkout blocked for your IP address

Licensing JEMH is shown in the following screenshots:



The JEMH Server pricing model follows the same model of Jira Server licensing based on users. You do need to buy at least the same JEMH license size as largest application in your Jira.  

With Jira 7.0, Jira broke up into applications, so you can now have Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Management (JSM) co-installed.  In such cases, the largest 'application' drives the licensing requirement, but JEMH remains available for any/all project usage.  JSM is licensed differently than Core/Software, JEMH treats it differently too (see Jira 7 - Software /Core / Service Management below).  

All pricing is in USD. GBP quotes are available for UK customers on request.  


JEMH requires an exact text match on the Server ID and Organisation field of the license for largest installed application (or instance, pre Jira 7.0).  It is helpful to provide this as early in the process as possible.

Please provide business address, and EU TAX# (if applicable) in order to speed up invoice generation.

Marketplace licensing for Server

JEMH for Jira Server is not currently licensed via the Atlassian Marketplace. It is licensed directly by us (the vendor) only at this time.  With Jira 7 Applications and Service Management Agent licensing complicating licensing, this is less likely in the short term. JEMH Vendor licensing currently maps Service Management Agents to JEMH license tiers.  This specific scenario has now become a blocker in migrating to Marketplace, and needs Atlassian to implement Agent based pricing for add-ons ( closed/not planned).

Other than initial credit-card only purchases through the shopour, all Quote/Invoice/PO traffic for purchase and maintenance renewals must be done via so that maintenance rates (50%) can be applied.

With Jira Core or Jira Software in the mix, the largest license will be indicated and will be used for JEMH licensing purposes.  Jira Service Management pricing is not based on users but Agents, which resulted in much lower general instance sizes than would normally be expected.

Jira Service Management pricing

JEMH licenses for Jira Service Management (JSM) use a different pricing model. JSM users are mapped to the standard user licensing model to scale add-on prices more fairly. This also affects maintenance pricing. The table below shows how this mapping is done.

JEMH / Agent support table

Service Management Agents

Required JEMH Tier

















Jira Service Management Server pricing accurate as of 11 October 2019

Example multi-application licensing scenarios

  1. 25 users in Core and 25 users in Software means JEMH requires a 25 user license

  2. 50 users in Core and 25 users in Software means JEMH requires a 50 user license

  3. 25 users in Core, 50 users in Software, and 12 Agents in JSM means JEMH requires a 50 user license

Licensing terms

A commercial JEMH Server license entitles you to the following:

  • Installation of JEMH on a single production instance of Jira Server

  • Perpetual usage of JEMH versions released within your maintenance window

  • Software maintenance for 12 months from the date of purchase, including online support

  • Purchased license fees are non-refundable

Source code

Access to source code is not included with a purchased license.


Registered Atlassian Experts may be eligible for a 10% discount on prices shown subject to that Expert not having apps/addons that compete with or are clones of ours.  Other re-sellers are not eligible for discount but may front a sale if required.

Card charge-backs

In the unlikely event that a payment made via credit-card is reversed after production keys have been generated, the server ID and organisation may be blacklisted in future upgrades until payment is made.

Value Added Tax (VAT) registration

As declared on all Quotes and Invoices, The Plugin People Ltd (registered in the UK) is not VAT registered because UK VAT law does not require us to be VAT registered at this time:

  • We don't sell the to the public at large, just businesses, so any VAT we would charge would need to be recovered anyway

  • Our sales specifically in the UK do not warrant it. Your local laws may differ.

If you would like to learn more about when UK incorporated companies are required to be VAT registered, please read the UK VAT guidelines.

Russian VAT

As of 1 JAN 2019, Russia has started charging VAT on external entities providing electronic services supplied B2B.  It is our understanding that this does not require us to register for Russian VAT when Agents/Resellers are involved, who charge the VAT.  Consequently, to comply with Russian VAT law, all customers must use a Russia based Atlassian Partner/ Reseller, direct sales are no longer possible.

Trade restrictions and sanctions

As a limited company incorporated in the UK, JEMH Server sales are subject to UK sanctions that prevent trade with certain countries/entities.

Purchasing a Server license

Prior to purchasing, you are able to generate a free single use 30 day evaluation license via the JEMH Add-on Licensing page: Manage add-ons > JEMH > Configure > Licensing.


Purchased licenses are non-refundable and are tied to the Organisation and Server ID of the largest Jira Server application present. An exact match is required, so please ensure these provided details are correct before purchasing.

  • Email address provided must be valid as this is where the license key is delivered to

  • Provide one set of license details only

The license key format is shown below. The key, including its leading <JEMHLicense> and trailing </JEMHLicense> tags, must remain intact for it to apply successfully.

Code Block

Extensions should be requested by email to referring your Organisation and Server ID as TEXT!

Server purchase pricing table

In Jira Server configurations we map JSM Agent tiers to User tiers to decompress the bias to lower tiers (see Service Management pricing above). Check that the largest application is covered by the User Tier below, or the license won't work.  Atlassian Partners should ask for a quote from if in doubt - free licenses are not given where an incorrect license is assumed/quoted.

JEMH pricing tiers broadly track ~20% of Atlassian’s Jira Server product price.

User Tier

Commercial License

Academic License

Community License





































Pricing in USD. Last updated 5 November 2020. * In environments where Jira Service Management is the largest application, minimum required purchased user tier is 25 users.

Quotes are provided on request and contain direct bank payment instructions, please send the following information to

  • your Jira 'organisation text' and serverID (available from the Jira License screen)

  • your required license size

  • you company address/contact details

Online purchase with automated key generation best accomplished through the app’s Licensing screen, which will route you to PayPal for payment. It also possible to use the Shop but tour but be sure to get the Server ID and Jira Organisation license text exact or the license will fail to work.


Credit Card Payments

PayPal is the primary e-payment method, and facilitates limited credit card payments. A PayPal account is not required for credit card purchases, see (Credit Card Payment through PayPal).

(info) If your card is not accepted then an alternate card such as VISA or Mastercard can be used, failing that, bank transfers are the only available option (see above).


Credit Cards, Key Delivery & invoicing

  • Keys are generated on successful payment and are delivered by email to the address you provide during checkout.

  • If you require a full invoice, please make a request referring your payment confirmation/invoice number to

Purchase Orders

PO numbers can be referred on any quote or invoice for your internal tracking and record keeping but purchase orders are not accepted as form of payment. Terms and conditions commonly associated with purchase orders are also not accepted. Confirmed payment will be required before production keys are issued but fully functional evaluation licenses can be provided whilst payment is being arranged.  As evaluations are provided throughout the purchase cycle, once payment has been made the production license will be generated, commencing from the date of the PO, to take account of extended duration purchasing cycles!

Payment currency and bank charges (yours and intermediaries)

Payment is to be made in the invoiced currency, usually US Dollars, and the full amount remitted to our bank.  Please instruct your Bank or any corresponding Bank to notconvert to GBP, as the conversion rate must be handled by our bank to know an invoice has been paid in full!  Any additional fees are the sole responsibility of your company.

Discounts for academic institutions

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses. Contact for more information.

Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

If your Jira is licensed by a 'free' license, you can get one for JEMH too. Contact indicating this is what you're after, then go ahead and install JEMH, hit the 'by email' link on the licensing page to send required information.


The initial license provides free updates and support for a year, after which time, updates (any new release) will not be usable.

License expiry notifications

JEMH will send a notification to the unique set of Forward email users defined in your profiles ( Notification > Forward user), 30 days from expiry, and on expiry.  Once expired, no further notifications are sent, and on installation of a new license, that behaviour is re-enabled.

Maintenance & back-porting of features

Sometimes a change in Jira making things too difficult to maintain backward compatibility with the very latest version of JEMH.  Earlier versions continue to be supported and maintained, and is just the same as with Atlassian production like Agile.

Maintenance means support for existing features, if there is a bug, it is valid to expect a fix.  If there is a feature released in a later version of JEMH that is not compatible with your Jira version it is not valid to expect this to be back-ported.

Usually, bug fixes and/or code-only changes stand a good chance of being backported to nearly any point in time if requested, however any backporting is entirely at the discretion of The Plugin People.  In such a case, active maintenance will still be needed to use the new version.

Installing versions released outside your maintenance window

If you do install past your maintenance window (JEMH cant stop you doing this!), JEMH will stop working and the license screen will show an error (below).  The resolution, as stated in the error is to uninstall the current version, and install the previous version.  If you are doing this as part of an upgrade and therefore cannot roll-back, you will need to request a temporary license from and request a quote for maintenance, providing your Server ID/Organisation from cross-referencing.  NOTE: the online evaluation licenses will not work, this is intentional to stop abuse!

Code Block
License install failure
The license is not valid for the following reasons:
·         The JEMH License has a problem: The current JEMH license is not valid for this release of JEMH. Please renew your maintenance (only within 12months of expiry) or install an older version of the plugin licenseExpiry: (2013-10-24 10:00:00), pluginBuildDate=(2014-01-20 10:27:10). If you have mistakenly upgraded past your maintenance window, uninstall this version and manually install your previous release.

Manually installing a version

To manually install a given version, the JAR file must be downloaded from the JEMH Version History page (check compatibility, and release date!), then upload it via Jira Administration > Add-Ons > Atlassian Marketplace > Manage add-ons.

Purchasing Server maintenance

New purchases include 1 year maintenance. To use versions of JEMH released after that period, additional maintenance will be required. Maintenance is only available within 1 year of previous expiry, and runs consecutively with prior expiry. Renewing maintenance is entirely at your discretion, but guarantees latest Jira release compatibility and access to new features/improvements in JEMH.

Maximum maintenance duration

In line with Atlassians renewal policy, as of 8 JUL 2019, advance Server maintenance is limited to a maximum of 2 years into the future from the quote date (new purchase includes 1 year so maximum 1 additional year can be purchased).

Data Center continues be an annual Subscription, and Cloud continues to offer a 12 month subscription only. If Server maintenance has lapsed by more than a year, repurchase is needed. Maintenance is 50% of the applicable largest installed Jira application tier (if JSM is installed, do check the its tier mapping).

Not yet Paid-via-Atlassian


Renewing Maintenance

JEMH Licensing does not yet use Paid-via-Atlassian, renewals are currently handled manually. Please contact for a quote, including:

  1. a text copy/paste from the Jira License screen including your Organisation text and Server ID for cross-matching

  2. your company postal address

Once information has been provided, a quote will be generated, this contains:

  • Bank transfer details, the IBAN contains a 6 digit sort code, 8 digit account code

  • PayPal address only for 'sending' funds.

Credit Cards are supported but only via PayPal invoices, depending on your region, you may be able to do this without registering for an account, so corporate use 'with a card only' is possible. If you want this, please ask when providing details for a quicker turnaround.

Cheques can take >4 weeks to get here, as keys are generated on payment, please consider online options to get up and running sooner!

Server maintenance payments

Please contact with the following information to receive a quote/direct invoice:

  • Jira License Organisation

  • Server ID

  • Company address

Payment methods for maintenance are limited to:

Direct Bank Transfer

This is the preferred method. Transfer details (IBAN, sort code, account number) can be found on quotes and invoices.

Credit card via PayPal

PayPal acts as a Credit Card clearing agent for some cards, checkout is not guaranteed and should be considered secondary to Direct Bank Transfer, in order to use PayPal without a user account, a specific PayPal Invoice must be generated, if you want this, please ask.  Once you receive this, follow the process: Paying by PayPal without an account.  

(warning) We map Agent tiers to User tiers to decompress the bias to lower tiers (see JSM Agent to User mapping above). Ensure that the largest 'application' is covered by the User Tier below, or the license won't work. This could affect customers moving into Jira7+ versions.  Atlassian Partners should ask for a quote from if in doubt - free licenses are not given where an incorrect license is assumed/quoted.

Server maintenance pricing table

All prices are USD.

User Tier

Commercial License

Academic License

Community License






































As customers are already 'in' maintenance, any generated Maintenance keys are valid from issue, regardless of performance period.  Installing the key early will validate the license, it wont 'start' any earlier.

Development licenses for Jira Server

Jira commercial license holders can get developer licenses via Atlassian. With a non-production Jira instance, your production JEMH key will work at no additional licensing or cost.

Expert Licenses

Registered Atlassian Expert resellers can get a free license for their development and company use, requirements for this are that they must have resold JEMH at least once in the last 12 month period.  If you have resold JEMH and are listed on the Solution Partner search, feel free to request an expert license from - not forgetting that we require the Jira license Organisation and Server ID (supplied as text) in order to generate a license.

Purchasing a Server upgrade

(warning) We map JSM Agent tiers to User tiers to decompress the bias to lower tiers (see JSM Agent to User mapping above), do check that the largest 'application' is covered by the User Tier below, or the license won't work.  Atlassian Partners should ask for a quote from if in doubt - free licenses are not given where an incorrect license is assumed/quoted.

Upgrades are required when your applicable tier goes up and are available whilst under maintenance up to one year for lapsing.  Fully expired licenses (more than a year since maintenance expiry) require a repurchase. 

When taking out multi-year maintenance you lock-in current pricing for a fixed term of maintenance, if things change, e.g. an upgrade becomes necessary, that voids the current license and extended maintenance.  There is no credit carried forward for unused maintenance.

If upgrades are required within 30 days of initial purchase, a difference-only price is possible for the new tier, contact for details.

Upgrades for JEMH are calculated as the difference between the new license and the old plus 40% of the old (with discounts for academic still applied), irrespective of whether its in the first year or in maintenance. On the date payment is received, a new years maintenance occurs.

Upgrade to --> -->

To 25

To 50

To 100

To 250

To 500

To 2000

To 10,000

To 10,000+

From 10 Users









From 25 Users








From 50 Users







From 100 Users






From 250 Users





From 500 Users




From 2000 Users



From 10,000 Users


(info) Requests for upgrades should be made direct to - always include your Organisation and Server ID from the JEMH license screen, thanks!

Refunds and Credit

All purchases are final, there are no refunds.  We provide sufficient evaluation time for you to determine that your requirements can be met with JEMH.  

Credit is not offered.