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Testing with Preview Context data

You can and should test your custom Macro to be sure it works as a syntax error in this macro will break all notifications.

In order to test the User Macro, we need a Preview Context, which represents a notification of change from Jira for the kind of issue event to be inhibited. You can create a preview context from JEMHC > Auditing > Events (via cog drop down at the end of each line. NOTE: JEMHC will not retain event data from Jira in JEMHC > Auditing > Events without a matching ‘notification project mapping’ (JEMHC > Notifications > Notification Mapping > Email).

Basic example

For demonstration, the following macro will prevent notifications when the issue type is “Support”.


To call the macro in your custom template, you need to add use something similar to the following example usages:

Checking 3 fields for changes: a custom field, the issues description field, and the issues status field:

Code Block
#sendIfFieldChangeOrComment([ "Email Sender Address", "description", "status"])

Checking a single field for changes: the issues standard status field:

Code Block