Use of Confluence SU is subject to the terms of the Confluence SU EULA. Terms are non-negotiable.

Evaluation License

Evaluation licenses are gained through the plugin configuration screen after installation.

Licensing and Pricing

You DO need to buy the same Confluence SU license size as your Confluence (e.g., a 500user Confluence license will need at least a 500user CONFSU license). The Confluence SU pricing model follows that of Confluence download licensing.

The Confluence SU software licenses gives you perpetual use of the product, and includes 12 months maintenance for updates and support, starting from the date of purchase. Renewing maintenance is entirely at your discretion, but guarantees latest Confluence release compatibility, more features etc.

Download License Details

All prices are USD.


Commercial License

Academic License

Community License


































Licensing Terms

A commercial/academic license entitles you to the following:

  • Install Confluence SU on a single production instance of Confluence on one server
  • Perpetual usage of Confluence SU with Confluence at versions released within the Confluence SU maintenance period
  • Software maintenance for 12 months from the date of purchase, including online support.


Online purchase and automated key generation is possible through the Confluence SU Licensing screen, or via the Javahollic Software Shop. Paypal is the primary payment method, direct bank transfers are also supported, details on quotes, available on request.

First years maintenance is included!

With your first purchase of Confluence SU, you will be entitled to maintenance updates free of charge.

Discounts for Academic Institutions

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses. Contact

Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

If you have an Open Source or Community Confluence license (see your Confluence license screen), you can request a free license for Confluence SU too.


The initial license provides free updates for a year, after that time, upgrades will not be possible. To gain upgrades after the first year, maintenance will be required, which is 50% of whatever the current license tier purchase price is (subject to any changes in your Confluence licensing, which would require a Confluence SU license upgrade). All maintenance renewals follow the expiry date of the previously purchased license. If the maintenance lapse period exceeds a year, maintenance is not available and a new purchase will be required.


Upgrades for CONFSU are calculated as the difference between the new license and the old plus 40% of the old (with discounts for academic still applied), irrespective of whether its in the first year or in maintenance. On the date payment is received, a new years maintenance occurs.

Upgrade to:









1-10 Users




11-25 Users


26-50 Users




51-100 Users





101-250 Users    $330



251-500 Users






501-2000 Users









Development Licenses

Specific to VENDOR generated licenses (by the pluginpeople, not Marketplace) JIRA Production licenses allow DEVELOPER JIRA licenses to be generated through , with a DEVELOPER licensed JIRA, your production CONFSU key will work just fine, no additional licensing or cost is associated with non-production licenses.  Marketplace licenses do not works this way, for non-production use, consider Atlassians timebomb keys.