Custom Space User Management


Custom Space User Management (CSUM) is an app for Atlassian Confluence that allows more efficient and scalable management of users and user groups associated with spaces.

  • Management can be made specific to Confluence spaces, allowing delegation of responsibility to space administrators

  • Create, rename and delete user groups

  • View group membership

  • Add multiple users to multiple groups in one action

  • Dynamically search users to add to or remove from selected groups

  • Complete auditing system so admins can keep track of what changes have been made

  • Confluence Data Center compatibility (from 3.0.0 onward)

  • The majority of the user interface makes use of Confluence's own internationalisation system, meaning that if Confluence is in your language, CSUM will be too. For the areas where a translation is needed, this is possible by creating an i18n translation properties file.



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We have a sister app, Project User Manager for Jira, which is a port of CSUM to Jira, including the same features. Check it out on marketplace:

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