Per User Digest Delivery Options

EMQ 1.2.0+


From EMQ version 1.2.0 onwards, it is possible to allow JIRA users to set their own email digest delivery options.  These settings are independent of the main EMQ delivery options, so if a user makes their own settings, they will no longer be included in the main EMQ scheduled delivery.  This is optional - users can choose to keep to the main delivery schedule.

Enabling Per User Delivery Options

Allowing users to have their own digest delivery options is simple.  Go to the Mail Configuration tab, and choose Configure Emails.

Then, under Configure Email Options enable the setting Allow User Delivery Options.  Now, when a user goes to their profile, they will be able to opt in to have their own delivery options.

Configuring Delivery Options for a User

Once Allow User Delivery Options has been enabled, a new settings section will appear on JIRA user's account profiles.  By default, it will sayDelivery Options: false.  This means that the user has no custom delivery options, and will therefore receive email digests according to the main EMQ delivery schedule.

Click Edit to open the EMQ Delivery Options window.  Enabling Delivery Options will turn on user specific delivery settings for that user, and also show the options themselves.

Delivery OptionsEnables/Disables delivery options that are specific to the user
Max Events per EmailThe maximum number of events to be digested into one digest email
Emails per Flush per Recipient

The maximum number of digest emails the user is to receive per delivery

Flush TypeThe way that EMQ email digests are to be scheduled.  Options are Periodicity (deliver every x amount of time) and Time (deliver at x time every day)
Periodicity of FlushWhen flush type is Periodicity, the duration between deliveries is set here
Time of FlushWhen flush type is Time, the time of day for each delivery is set here.  NOTE: more than one time can be set, by separating times with a comma ","