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This section of the Project mapping allows user to define the default HTML conversion rules of the inbound mail content. JEMHC converts HTML into a less feature rich 'wiki markup', this supports some translation of HTML features like headings, basic tables, but does not have the 'deep' compatibility for example nested tables or background/ text colour options. This is a limitation of wiki markup content. JEMHC can attach the raw HTML of the content as an attachment if required.





Html Converter Typelook at server and the Rich Formatting section tomorrow

  • None
    No Conversion

  • Standard
    Will convert HTML to Wiki Markup albeit with basic compatibility

Whitespace Settings For Tag Conversion


If there is no white space between a text element and Table then the text will be added to the table as a data cell. The work around for this is to use Before and After option for white space settings.






  • None
    No extra white space formatting is added.

  • Newline-line-before
    Extra new line white space formatting is done before the tag.

  • Before and after
    Extra new line white space formatting is done before the tag and after the ending tag.

  • Newline-line-after
    Extra new line white space is done after the end tag.






Rich Formatting





Table (TABLE)

  • None
    No conversion and outputs table as text

  • Wiki
    Converts HTML to Wiki Markup Table

Link (A)

  • None
    Outputs the link as text

  • Inline
    Inline the link and clickable to

  • Summary
    Add a numbered reference with link text. Then At the end of the description contains the a clickable link with the corresponding numbered reference.

Blockquote (BLOCKQUOTE)

  • None
    Added as text with no formatting

  • Quoted
    Added as Wiki Markup quote block

Code (CODE)

  • Code
    Text in Tag is converted into code block

  • Code-with-title
    Text in Tag is converted into code block with title header

  • No Format
    Code is added to a No format block

Heading Level (H1, H2, etc)

  • None
    All headings are output as normal text with no heading format

  • h1 - h5
    Set the heading level limit. Any level that is higher than the limit is treated as None option.

Ordered List (OL)

  • None
    Added as text with no formatting except a new line for each list item.

  • On
    Ordered List will output a numbered list
    Unordered List will output a bullet point list

Unordered List (UL)

Horizontal Rule (HR)

  • None
    tag is ignored and treated with no output

  • Textline
    A line is created using “-” character

  • With-no-whitespace
    Line is added to the description which spans the full width

  • With-whitespace
    Similar to With-no-whitespace but whitespace is added at the end of <hr> tag.

Image (IMG)

Right now all Full-size and thumbnail all seem to do the same thing

  • Full-size
    Inline the full size image to the description
    (files with cid source fail to load)

  • See-attached
    Will add a “(See attached)”
    This does not work with images with URL source. This is intended for inline images where their source is from email attachment.

  • Thumbnail
    Inline a thumbnail of the image

Image Attributes

HTML Attributes that are specific to to the IMG tag as per:


Text Formatting

If there is no white space between a tag and another text element then the tag result will be output as text without rendering desired outcome.

For example: <b>text</b> will output \* text \* instead of text.






  • On
    When enabled then the given text modifying tag applies.

  • Off
    the tag will be ignored and removed and the text inside the tag will be output




Underline (U):

Strike (STRIKE):