Dealing with 'Undisclosed Recipients' (JEMHC)

Some mail servers allow for ‘Undisclosed Recipients’ to be used as the ‘To:’ address when sending Bcc mails for privacy reasons.

JEMHC will not be able to process these emails, unless you use the ‘Missing To: Address’ pre-processing task:

Enabling the ‘Missing To: Address’ Pre-processing Task


  • In your JEMHC Profile, click the Edit icon and scroll down to find ‘Pre Processing Tasks’

  • Enable ‘Use PreProcessed Message’ and then select ‘Missing Recipient Address Fixer’ from the list of tasks.

  • In here add the default To: address that you want to be used whenever a mail with an incorrect To: address is processed. Make sure it matches a catch email address so that the mail can be processed successfully