Hiring Process


  1. The phone interview (30m)
    summarize what we do, to set the scene validate candidate communication skills (verbal)
    review CV, probe technical knowledge declared and expected for a given role

  2. Face:face (1h, online)
    Usually an hour, where more technical questions will be asked, perhaps some curve-ball questions designed to understand depth of knowledge

  3. Taster day (1d)
    A taster day is where candidates can come in to meet the team and see what we really do, including development tasks. This saves going through a hiring process only to find it wont work out

  4. Offer
    If everything went well we'd make an offer, along with providing a draft contract for review. Candidates can query us relating to the contract, whilst justified variations are not excluded, it's not an opportunity for mass red-lining

  5. References
    Once an offer has been received we require two references from previous employers

  6. Starting
    New hires start on a 12 week probation period, which under some situations can be extended as needed. Any issues will be brought up immediately in order to correct, if that doesn't work out (e.g. issues with: communication skills, ability, attendance/time-keeping, attitude, productivity), employment will be terminated as per contract. Experienced developers should not have any problems!