Support SLA

Business hours

The Plugin People business hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 UK time.  However, it is quite common for support cases to be worked on out of hours (even weekends). Your issues are important to us!

Time to response

We aim to respond to your queries as a soon as we get to them. We'd expect a first response within one business working day (8 hours as per our business hours above).

There are several statutory UK public holidays where the office will be technically be closed but we will provide best endeavours support to still reply within 1 business day.

What support we provide





  • Installation and licensing of our products

  • Upgrading installations of our products

  • Identifying and finding solutions for problems with our products, but, where customers are using Jira/Confluence marked by Atlassian as End Of Life, we will only support the latest compatible version of our apps.

  • Back-porting of fixes for EOL is considered on a case by case basis.

  • Product Training

  • Customers who do not have valid software maintenance for product

  • Support versions of our product that have been marked as End Of Life (EOL)

  • Support related to other companies products, and problems caused by said products

  • Support for general application issues (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo etc.)

  • Configuration of application infrastructure or supporting systems

  • Support for development, including scripting, markup etc. However, questions can be posted on which if tagged appropriately with add-on keys, will be answered on a best-endeavours basis

  • Support for general application configurations  that are not supported, e.g. for Jira, Confluence etc.

  • Beta or Development releases

  • Support in any language other than English

Support channels

There are many ways to get support, duplication of reports across channels will not get them answered sooner!

  • Our Support Portal is the primary support communication method

  • Ask a question - appropriate for simple questions or queries

  • Email our support desk - to create a private support ticket in our Jira

  • Telephone (office: +44 1242 802-757 - mobile: +44 791 468 3169) within UK office hours (above). Telephone is not a primary support communication method, conversations cannot be referred, there is no history and in most cases, Issues would still be required (above) to better manage the case

  • Live video calls are also not a primary support communication method. This channel may be considered for use once our primary channel (Jira) has been used and has proven to not be enough to get a support request resolved.

Data Center customer escalation for Atlassian

Data Center customers operate our products in mission critical environments and want to feel confident that if issues arise they can be addressed quickly. Likewise if you or Atlassian find any significant issues that may impact customers, or if Atlassian detects a breaking change that impacts your app, we want to be able to quickly work to a resolution with you.

Atlassian should create a blocker support case with the “Data Center Support” category through our portal.

Customers who have a business impacting issue should still use our support portal. While every issue a customer faces may ‘block’ them, they don’t need escalating as we have a support channel for this purpose.