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Project User Management (PUM) is an app for Atlassian Jira (inspired by CSUM) that allows the Project Admin to be able to manage groups efficiently and while taking scalability into account. Group management (by default) is handled by the Administrator of Jira but PUM allows the capability to be delegated down to Project Admin that can only manage groups that are created with PUM for the project in question. Groups created outside of PUM (by manual UI insertion or other mechanism) cannot be managed/modified by PUM.

  • Management can be made specific to Project, allowing group management delegation down to Project Administrators

  • Create, rename and delete user groups

  • View group membership

  • Add/remove multiple users to multiple groups in one action (bulk upload)

  • Dynamically search users to add to or remove from selected groups

  • Complete Auditing system to hold users accountable for changes

  • Jira Data Center compatibility (from 1.2.0 onward)

  • The majority of the user interface makes use of Jira own internationalisation system, meaning that if Jira is in your language, PUM will be too. For the areas where a translation is needed, this is possible by creating an i18n translation properties file.


  • If you are a Project Admin:

  • If you are a System Admin:


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We have a sister app, Custom Space User Management (CSUM) for Confluence, which is a port of PUM to Confluence, including the same features. Check it out on marketplace:

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