Get automatically added as a Jira Service Desk Request Participant

Default JSD Behaviour

Once an issue has been created, the reporter and existing request participants (possibly who existed on to/cc of a creating email) can comment.  JSD will deny un-involved customers access to comment on such issues, causing a new issue to be created instead.

Caveats to both scenarios below are the requirement for a Customer account to be related to the sender email address.  JEMH can auto-create users, and also, can auto-join them to a nominated group, in pre JEMH 3.0 this was required for JSD related operations to work, in JEMH 3.0.x it is only required in some cases to satisfy JSD permissions checks.

Scenario 1: Allow External Customer Comments

  • Profile > Security > External Customer Comments Enabled 

This global settings means that any JSD customer (non-agent) who has the permission to do so, may comment on an existing JSD request.  NOTE: The default JSD permission scheme is more locked down, and this will not be enough in some cases.

Scenario 2: Dynamically add External Customers as Request Participants to enable Commenting

  • Profile > Project Mapping > ... > Comment > Add Uninvolved Senders

Since JEMH 3.0.11 (JEMH-7018), JEMH can now automatically involve customers on existing issues, without restriction (not creating a new issue). This scenario ALSO requires the checkbox in (Scenario 1) to be set.

Simply, if a non-agent customer refers an existing JSD issue in the subject, but are not (a) the reporter or (b) a request participant, they will be added to the Request Participants field (satisfying JSD security) prior to their comment being added.


A future feature to require matching of some kind, e.g. matching the email domain of the reporter and the to-be-added request participant.