Routing issues to a project - by user group membership

To route issues by group membership, users need to exist, as do group memberships. User auto-creation and group-joining features of JEMH can help automate this for external users.

See Auto creating users and Auto joining group membership

Setup the JIRA Project permissions

In the simple case, JEMH won't create issues if the reporter doesn't have permission in the project, so verify your target project has the expected group in an appropriate role.

Edit the Project settings

To setup routing to a project by group membership, through the JEMH Configuration Screen edit the Project Mapping Settings, showing the following:

Add a new Project Mapping

Clicking 'New Project Mapping' will present you with the mapping screen:

Fill in (at minimum) the Project key, other settings as required.

Note, you are unable to add Project/group mappings at this time. SAVE mapping first by clicking submit.

Adding group mappings

Once saved, edit again, to see new options:

One or more groups can now be added (comma separated). Any incoming mail picked up by this profile, associated with a JIRA user within these groups, will be routed to the given project.

Setup is complete:

Multiple group mappings?

When multiple mappings are defined, they will all be tried until one succeeds, if at all.

Should no project mappings exist or match, the default Project Mapping will be tried (listed at the to of the Project Settings). If no project can be determined, the mail will be rejected (see Hintogram rejection process).