Drop an email that has a Precedence header when using a Profile Group


In a single Profile, when a incoming email matches a Project Mapping that has Message Filter Action set to ignore(drop), JEMH will Drop the email. However, when using a Profile Group, JEMH will try and find another matching Project Mapping that allow emails with a Precedence header to create Issues.

A work-around to make the Profile Group drop the email and stop checking for other Project Mappings when Precedence: bulk is present will require a Script Field Processor.

Work-around Example Script

This Script will be placed on the specific Profile with the Project Mappings that want to ignore(drop) emails with a Precedence header. The Script consists of three sections:

  1. An array is needed to store the catch email addresses of Project Mappings that do not want to process emails with a Precedence header. These Addresses will need to be entered into the array manually.

  2. Check if a Precedence header is in the email and the value of the header. The Script checks the value of the Precedence header as Project Mappings can allow Precedence: list headers and not Precedence: bulk headers.

  3. Checking if the Catch email address (To address) matches a address which is stored within the array. If it does match one address then the email will be dropped.

/*Array for holding the email addresses in the domain mapping*/ emails = ["Address1", "Address2", "Address3"]; /*Saves Header value within a variable*/ var precedence = message.getHeader("Precedence"); /*If Header is not present it will be null, so this will check if header is in email*/ if (precedence !== null) { print('Precedence Header is in email'); if (precedence[0] == 'bulk' || 'Bulk') /*Checks if value of the Precedence header equals bulk*/ { print('Precedence Value is bulk, now will check catch address against emails array'); for (i =0; i< toAddresses.length; i++) { /*Checks all to address against emails array*/ for (m =0; m< emails.length; m++) { if (toAddresses[i] == emails[m]) { /*If the catch email address matches one of the addresses within the array then it will drop the message*/ print('Dropping email as Recipient address = '+ emails[m]); jemhUtils.dropMessage('Has Precedence:bulk'); } } } } else { /*Output if the Precedence Value is not 'bulk'*/ print('precedence is not bulk, will create issue and stop check'); } } else { /*Output if there is no Precedence header within the email*/ print('No precedence header found'); }