Supporting JIRA and email only users for email issue creation

 work in progress


1. you have a mail-server that you have previously been able to pull email from, to create issues in JIRA (ie connectivity and authentication are proven).
2. you have an outbound mail-server that has previously been able to send email.

Starting point:

  1. create a JEMH Profile,

  2. set _Project > default project_

  3. set _Issue > issue type_

  4. set _User > default reporter_ -- NOTE: the default reporter is a proxy account, it should *not* be an active user, or be expected to interact in any way. CHANGE the email address of this user to '' etc.

  5. set _Email > catchemail address_ to be your 'incoming' mailbox eg

  6. set _Email > SENDER PROCESSING: NON JIRA-USER > Assign non jira-users Email to Text CustomField_ to a TEXT custom field visible in your issue

  7. set _Notifications > On Comment Event Behaviour_ : alwaysFireComment

  8. create a JEMH Test Case email 'from' an external address (unregistered)

  9. run it against your profile

  10. outcome: an issue, with the TEXT custom field populated with the sender address.

Sending issue created Acknowledgement

  1. set _Notifications > Notify users on issue creation_ : ALL , this will send a Profile driven notification back to users of 'issue created', whether EMAIL or JIRA users.

This is 50% of the work for email only users. Next, outbound notifications of comments and updates.

  1. In the Event Listener section:

    1. set _Issue Events > Listener Enabled_ : ON, to turn on the Event Listener

    2. set _Issue Events > Disabled Domains_ : _the email address of the default reporter set above, eg emailuser@disabled.com_ This filters the proxy user from any outbound notifications.

    3. click _New Project Mapping_ and enter the KEY of the project you set above. Initially non-jira (email only user) config is presented. Pick choices like notification format (text if you intend to customize or html for nicer defaults)

    4. Observe that 'filter sender' is set, this applies to email only users, stops them receiving echo's of their own comments.

    5. set the _CSV email Custom Fields_ to include (its a comma separated field) the name of the custom field you stored the senders email in.

    6. click the tick, to enable all events.

This is 75% of the work, email only users should now receive all comments and updates.

For JIRA user notifications you have choices.

  1. blue pill : Leave JIRA Projects to select a notification scheme (outside JEMH) and JIRA users will receive default notifications without any JEMH intervention.

  2. red pill : Deselect Project notification scheme, and in the JEMH Event Listener (JIRA user notifications tab) Project Mapping, re-select that notification scheme, this switches the handling of notification to JEMH. Then. there is a similar set of even-enabling / comment filtration settings.

that is 100%.