About Our Plugins

This page describes what our products are, how they are obtained and licensed.


Plugins are software packages that provide extended feature to core applications (Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo etc).  


All plugins are available through the core application, there is:

  • no lead time (your purchasing cycle is the lead time to a production license key)

  • no physical deliverable, all items including license keys are electronic

  • no download required or provided through The Plugin People Ltd servers.  Manual downloads are possible through the specific plugin page on http://marketplace.atlassian.com

  • Plugins marked as 'paid-by-Vendor' cannot be managed through 'my.atlassian.com'.  The Plugin People Ltd has no mirror service at this time.

Free Trial

All plugins are available free for 30days with an evaluation license that may be generated through the plugins license screen (usually available through the Configure button in the plugins listing within the core product).

Free Trial Extensions

If the evaluation has not been completed by the time the trial expires, an extension can be given, repeat installs of the free trial license are not supported. Contact our sales team with details of the product, the core product Organisation Text (usually your company name, but must be exact) and the Server ID.

Production Licenses

Once the free trial has expired, a Production license will be needed.  These can be generated automatically via the online purchasing system (delivered by email once payment has been made).  If direct-bank transfer is preferred, or PO's are involved, production licenses are only generated on payment.  Please request an evaluation extension to cover your purchasing cycle if needed.

Invoices for e-purchases

The online store does not capture address details, if you need a full invoice, please ask, referring your generated PayPal invoice link, as well as your full company details.

Reseller Discounts

There are no reseller discounts available at this time.


In order to Quote for a purchase, the following information is required:

  • The Plugin People Ltd product name (e.g. JEMH, JIRA SU)

  • A copy/paste (not a screenshot) of the core product license screen, as this provides the 'organisation text' and the 'Server ID' required for license generation

  • Indication of the license tier required for the particular product, e.g., 2000users.

Your Terms

In general, basic terms will be accepted, however, no binding terms can be applied to any purchase of The Plugin People Ltd that may unfairly affect The Plugin People Ltd from selling software to anyone in the future.

Right to Use / EULA

The right to use The Plugin People Ltd plugins is perpetual with all licenses, the customer may use the software and any updates released within 12 months of purchase indefinitely without additional charge.  Access to later releases, including bug-fixes, are subject to software maintenance, that is 50% of current license tier for the given product.

The EULA for all The Plugin People Ltd plugins is binding between the Customer and The Plugin People Ltd.  Intermediaries are not involved.


At this time The Plugin People Ltd. (registered in the UK) is not VAT registered in the UK, therefore no taxes are applied to invoices.