Paying by PayPal without an account


  1. Request an PayPal invoice

  2. Receive an email invoice from PayPal, click the Pay Invoice link to go to PayPal

  3. Review the invoice and click the Pay button at the bottom

  4. Select Pay with a debit or credit card

  5. Enter card and card holder details and checkout.


1. Request an PayPal invoice

Send an email to

2. Receive an email from PayPal

The following is what it will look like.

3. Review and Pay

The Pay Invoice takes you to a screen like this, review and hit the Pay button.

4. Select 'Pay with a debit or credit card'

The Pay button takes you to this screen, where there is an option to pay with a card, select Pay with a debit or credit card.

5. Enter Card and Cardholder Details and checkout

Enter card type and cardholder details, then click Continue to progress through the payment process.