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We are a small but growing Atlassian Marketplace vendor based in Cheltenham, UK. Our business has a 100% focus on the Atlassian stack, providing first class software and support for thousands of businesses worldwide.


You can find all our add-ons for Atlassian software listed on Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Enterprise Mail Handler for JIRA (JEMH for JIRA Server, JEMHC for JIRA Cloud) enable you to consume email, map sender to given projects, customize issue creation, extract content and map to custom fields, drive issue change the user supplied Directives and lots more (e.g. LDAP group email address breakup). Outbound notification Transports in addition to Email have been added (Slack and SMS)

  • Custom Space User Management (CSUM) was adopted in early 2017, and enables Confluence space administrators to manage custom Space groups and memberships in their space, as well as managing specific delegated groups as well

  • Project User Management (PUM) is a port of CSUM to JIra, again enabling Jira project admins to manage custom Project groups and memberships in their project, as well as managing specific delegated groups as well

  • Switch User (SU) is available cross-product and enables administrators to take on the identity of users for problem solving (e.g. permission validation for a user by being that user)

  • Enterprise Mail Queue (EMQ) for JIRA allows outbound JIRA notifications to be digested, reducing that flurry to a manageable level.  EMQ now integrates with JEMH (Server only)

  • Log Tailer is available cross-product, and is simple add-on that exposes JIRA logs via HTTP, avoiding console access

  • Pluggable User Properties for JIRA provides a way for admins to create typed user properties, and enable those properties to be exposed through a component API to other add-ons (we use this in JEMH for user-specific HipChat rooms)

  • HTML Include Replace enables integration of 3rd party HTTP content (when inlining html, relative URLs are rewritten so as to fix images etc)

  • Asciimath (CASCII) and Latex (CLATEX) are historic add-ons for Confluence that continue to be free, maintained for compatibility but not actively developed.

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