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The Plugin People Ltd are a small company based in Cheltenham, UK, with established worldwide customers.  We specialise entirely in development of apps for the Atlassian suite of productivity software (e.g. Jira). 


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The Plugin People Ltd Pure Offices (Suite 35), Cheltenham Office Park, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 6SH, UK Tel: +44 (1242) 802-757


Travelling by Car

Travelling by Train

Travelling by Car

Travelling by Train

  1. At J11 on the M5, head to Cheltenham

  2. Get into the right hand lane at the roundabout, take 4the exit, to Hatherly Lane, past Harvester/Travelodge

  3. After 100m, at the mini roundabout with B&Q visible in front, take 1st left to Hatherly

  4. After 100m, after passing by the Nuffield Hospital on the right, at the mini roundabout, take 2nd exit (right) into ASDA

  5. At the painted mini-roundabout, go straight over and straight on for 50m, an access road on the right leads to Pure Offices.

  6. On arrival, do not enter, use the door buzzer on the right of the main entrance, we are suite 35

  7. Please wait in the foyer


  • It is OK for visitors to park in available spaces outside Pure for 1h.  Car registration details need to be logged on entry in this case.  Failing that, ASDA parking is readily available.

  • Google Map link

By foot, the route by Dean Close is slightly longer but uses side roads.

Taxis are available in droves left of the train station on exit, 

Any bus heading to Gloucester will pass through the Golden Valley Roundabout (your stop), next to Travelodge left of map.

Office hours

08:30 - 17:00 (Mon - Fri)

 Out of UK working hours, is usually monitored for a few hours in the evening for urgent licensing cases, support via is preferred for non-licensing queries.