Restriction of sales to Russia / Belarus

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To whom it may concern:

Russian invasion and war with Ukraine

The world has been watching Russia invade and wage war against Ukraine resulting in large scale destruction and indiscriminate attacks on civilians areas resulting in large loss of life to both sides.

The world imposes sanctions on Russia

In response to starting and pursuing this war, the major powers of the world have instigated a huge set of sanctions against Russian leadership and economy; full list at:, hear a good summary of what the current situation is from .

Atlassian stands with Ukraine

A post by the CEO’s:

We are appalled by the actions of the Russian Government in its invasion of Ukraine. We condemn the actions of the Russian Government, and we stand with Ukraine and its people in their fight to maintain their freedom and sovereignty.

Atlassian license issue suspension:

* We are pausing the sale of all new licenses and Marketplace apps to Russia.

* We are suspending licenses for Russian state-owned entities and entities that support the Russian State aggression directly or indirectly in any way.

* At this time we are not revoking all existing Russian-based licenses

We stand with Ukraine

We are a small software company but feel we must act in support the world view that the actions of Russian state are beyond unacceptable. For consistency we will follow recently published stance of Atlassian:

  • We are suspending all direct sales for licenses through/for entities in Russia / Belarus

  • At this time we are not revoking all existing Russian-based licenses, but regretfully will not be able to provide support to those customers

Existing Customers

We do understand that our Russia based Atlassian Partners and customers have little say in the actions of the state. If contracts have been signed, check force majeure clauses. We are sorry for that/this predicament that your leader has caused and hope the war that Russia instigated ends soon.

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