Zero trade policy with Russia / supporting countries

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To whom it may concern:

Russia is a terrorist regime / a state sponsor of terrorism

  • 13 OCT 2022, The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (link)

  • 21 NOV 2022, NATO Parliamentary Assembly (link)

We stand with Ukraine

Whilst Russia continues to be classified as a state sponsor of terrorism there will be a zero trade policy in effect for any Russian entity or any entity we have reason to believe is supporting such Russian entities. To achieve this we withdrew our online license purchase capability, to be able to manage it directly ( Any Russian entity found to have obtained a license will have done so in violation of this policy and will be ineligible for any support.

Atlassian stands with Ukraine

A post by the Atlassian CEO’s:

We are appalled by the actions of the Russian Government in its invasion of Ukraine. We condemn the actions of the Russian Government, and we stand with Ukraine and its people in their fight to maintain their freedom and sovereignty.

The world imposes sanctions on Russia

In response to starting and pursuing this war, the major powers of the world have instigated a huge set of sanctions against Russian leadership and economy; full list at: