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Business Hours and Response Time

The Plugin People business hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5pm UTC/GMT (see time there now).  However, it is quite common for support cases to be worked on and answered much later than this, and even over weekends - your issues are important to us!

Public Holidays

There are several annual Statutory bank holidays where the office will be technically be closed, however, best endeavours will always be to reply within 24hrs, regardless of holiday.

2 MayMondayEarly May bank holiday
30 MayMondaySpring bank holiday
29 AugustMondaySummer bank holiday
26 DecemberMondayBoxing Day
27 DecemberTuesdayChristmas Day (substitute day)
2 JanuaryMondayNew Year’s Day (substitute day)
14 AprilFridayGood Friday
17 AprilMondayEaster Monday
1 MayMondayEarly May bank holiday
29 MayMondaySpring bank holiday
28 AugustMondaySummer bank holiday
25 DecemberMondayChristmas Day
26 DecemberTuesdayBoxing Day

Support Includes

  • Help with product installation and licensing
  • Help with product upgrades
  • Help troubleshooting problems with The Plugin People add-ons.
  • Help identifying workarounds to problems with the The Plugin People add-ons.

Support does not include

  • Product Training
  • Customers who do not have valid software maintenance
  • Support The Plugin People add-ons/versions that have been marked as End Of Life (EOL)
  • Support related to non The Plugin People add-ons, and problems caused by other add-ons
  • Support for general application issues (JIRA, Confluence etc)
  • Support debugging configuration of application infrastructure or supporting systems
  • Support for development, including scripting, markup etc. However, questions can be posted on which if tagged appropriately with add-on  keys, will be answered on a best-endeavours basis
  • Support for general application configurations  that are not supported, e.g. for JIRA, Confluence etc.
  • Beta or Development releases
  • Support in any language other than English

Support Channels

There are many ways to get support, duplication of reports across channels will not get them answered sooner!

  • JIRA Issue Tracker ( )  This is the primary support communication method
  • Questions forum ( ) This is appropriate for simple questions or queries
  • Email ( ) Email is fine for initial queries, but in most cases, Issues will be required (above) to better manage the case
  • Telephone (office: +44 1242 802-757 - mobile: +44 791 468 3169) within UK office hours (above). Telephone is not a primary support communication method, conversations cannot be referred, there is no history and in most cases, Issues would still be required (above) to better manage the case
  • Webex etc are also not a primary support communication method, meets take a lot of time, conversations cannot be referred, there is no history.  Driving support through JIRA makes the customer think about the problem by putting it down in an issue.

Support: Time to response

We aim to respond to your queries as a soon as we get to them, we'd expect a first response within one business working day.  

Effective Issue Submission

It is very common that our first response is a request for more information.  In order to provide a useful first response, when logging issues, please be clear about what the problem is and what you actually wanted to have happen is a starting point, steps to reproduce are invaluable.  Supporting information also speeds us up, e.g. a) Tell us if you've recently done any system maintenance (JIRA upgrades) b) JEMH Profile XML and Test Case email (exported from JEMH Auditing or Test Case section, not a .msg file please)

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