Issue Attributes


Here is where you define the Issue Attributes that will be set when a issue is created using this Project Mapping.

Configuration Options

Issue Attributes


This is the Components that should be selected within the issue when a new issue is created.

Issue Type

The issue type that new issues should be created with.


The Priority level that new issues should be created with.


Adds a specific label to new issues.


The reporter that should be used when the sender is a non-jira user. This overrides the Default Reporter within Profile > Issue.


The default assignee to be set when issues are created.


List of watchers that will be added to the Watchers field on the issue.


When an issue is created because it could not comment on the related issue, then this feature will allow the new issue to be linked to the issue it was supposed to comment on.

Email sender must have permission to access the issue in order to link issues together. To allow links to be made from users without access to the issue, you will need to disable Strict Jira permissions within Profile > Security.


Join group from email domain

Auto create and join the user to a group matching their email [domain] in <user@domain>

Add group to given project role

Adds the domain group to this specific project role on this project.

Join group to custom field

This adds the Domain group to this specified Multi-Group Custom Field.

Auto Join Groups

For more info see:


Auto Join Groups

List of groups that the target users will be added to.

Apply on

Defines when the user should be added to the specified group/s. Current options are:

  1. Issue Creation

  2. Issue Comment/Update

  3. Issue Creation and Issue Comment/Update.


Defines who should be added to the specified group/s. Current Options are:

  1. Reporter

  2. All Jira Users

  3. All Jira Users without Groups

Include New Addressee Users

Configure if Auto Created Users should be auto joined to groups or not. New Reporter users are always included. Option only appears when All Jira Users and All Jira Users without Groups is selected within Audience.

Issue Security

Issue Security Level

Defines the Issue Security Level that should be applied when issues are created. Sender must have the permission to set Issue Security Level. For more info see: