Defining message outcomes

SINCE 2.7.0


The Script Field Processor allows the outcome of a message's processing to be decided preemptively.

This can be useful when you want messages to fail for reasons that they would not normally.


There are currently four outcomes which can be decided via a script:

  • Dropped

    jemhUtils.dropMessage(String reason)
  • Filtered

    jemhUtils.filterMessage(String reason)
  • Forwarded

    jemhUtils.forwardMessage(String reason)
  • Rejected

    jemhUtils.rejectMessage(String reason)

Outcome results

Message OutcomeSender Notified?Admin Notified?Read/Deleted?



If HintOgrams are turned off, rejections will be treated as being forwarded.

Example Script

This could be used to reject a message if it contains a certain word within the subject:

if (subject.contains("reject")) {
    jemhUtils.rejectMessage("Because I don't like the word reject!");

The above example produces the following results within the Processing Detail Report:

Enable Auditing by clicking Enable on the Auditing page to see these when running Test Cases and for previously processed mail

Email (HTML) received by the sender:

To customise the contents of these emails, please Use Template Sets (Custom Templates).

Further information

The documentation for each of the jemhUtils methods can be found here: