Deprecation of profile-driven notification system

Version 2.7.3 sees the profile-driven notification system being officially deprecated. This means that in a future version it will be removed.

This is happening because JEMH’s more capable Event Listener has been the preferred notification system for a long time now, and having two systems doing the same thing is confusing and unnecessary.

Settings related to the old system are also marked as deprecated and will be removed in the future:

  • Profile>Email>Templates>Non Jira User notification format

  • Profile>Email>Templates>Issue Created TemplateSet

  • Profile>Email>Queue>Auto Flush Queue

  • Profile>Notifications>Notify Users on Issue creation

  • Profile>Notifications>Override 'Dont Notify Me of My Actions'

As always, we are happy to help customers make the move to the Event Listener. Feel free to get in touch by raising a support request here.



Developer @ The Plugin People