How To Use Pre-Processing Tasks

Tasks available vary by JEMH version


Pre-processing tasks allow email message headers to be manipulated in specific ways in order to change the outcome of email processing.

Pre-processing tasks are designed to help overcome specific problems that emails can have.  It is strongly recommended that a task is not enabled unless you are certain of the cause of a processing problem.

Setting up a Pre-Processing Task

Enabling the use of tasks

First, JEMH's Auditing feature must be enabled.  To do this, go to JEMH>Auditing>Auditing Enablement and click Enable.  This is required as the Auditing function handles the storage of incoming emails.

In this example we will be enabling the Groupwise Addressee Pre-processing task, but the process is the same for all other Tasks.  Edit the Email section of the Profile:

Scroll down to the Pre-processing section, and check the Use Reprocessed Message check-box.

Selecting Pre-Processing Tasks

Under Use Reprocessed Message, you will see a list of available pre-processing tasks.  Select tasks with a click, de-select tasks with CTRL + click.

In this example, the Groupwise task will be selected:

Once selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and save the changes to the JEMH profile by using the Submit button.

Once the form is saved the selected task will be shown on the main configuration view.  Some tasks can be configured further.  Clicking the edit icon  next to a task opens a task-specific configuration pop-up.  Where no configuration exists, some helpful text will be presented.

Pre-Processing Task details

Script Pre Processing Task

See subpage :

Missing To: Address

Groupwise Addressee

Content Type Mapper

Invalid Content Transfer Encoding Remover

MIME Multipart Boundary Updater

Quoted Address Removal

Single Leading Quoted Personal Fixer

Trailing Dot Address Removal

Double Route Address Removal

Content Disposition Filename with unquoted filenames

Missing From Address

Illegal Disposition Attribute Task

Potential Spam Header Locator


Auditing allows exporting of both the unprocessed mail and the post-processed mail.  When a change has affected an email, a new export icon is shown that contains the delta email, which is helpful in diagnosing what may have gone wrong with a task: