Add JIRA users without project permission as non-JIRA users

As an administrator, you want to enabled JIRA account holders to be involved in Projects and Issues where they do not have the required Permissions

Step-by-step guide

 since 1.5.6

  1. Enable non-JIRA user support as per Configure JEMH for a Helpdesk environment from scratch

  2. Go to JEMH Configuration > Profile

  3. On the right hand side click configure for the profile you wish to edit.


  4. Under Security > Click edit > enable Treat Unprivileged users as non-JIRA


This feature Makes use of JEMH non-JIRA account holder support, where email addresses are stored in a custom field.

  • Enabling this support would allow anyone to mail into these projects, email domain restrictions can be enforced through Whitelist/Blacklist rules – see Use Email Whitelisting and Blacklisting.

  • Any users listed as non-JIRA will be processed via Event Listener Project Mappings as non-JIRA, individual user preferences will be currently ignored.