Enable non-Jira account holders User Creation


Create users that don't take Jira seats

Users without Right To use can still have issues created on their behalf, they just won't be able to log in to JIRA.


  • For JEMH configuration sections, click the Pen icon in the heading to edit.

  • Each Field, in View mode has a

    icon, hovering over this will provide information about the field and its use

Open the Profiles Configuration and edit the User configuration:

Fields Explained

  • Create users - required to enable user creation

  • Created User ID from email - ensures a userid that doesn't collide with an existing user

  • Auto Join Group(s) - by default, a created user has no group membership, so some membership should be set to allow Project permissions to use it.

Auto join groups must exist

  • Groups must pre-exist in order to be used.

  • Having no groups will mean the user will have to be identified by name in project configuration and is not scalable

  • Adding 'jira-users/jira-developers/jira-administrator' groups will consume a JIRA seat as they have global Right To Use

  • Adding any other group that does not have global Right to Use will not result in a licensed seat, however, that user won't be able to login (fair's fair)

After entering, hit Submit:

Expand the User section by clicking on the User section title.