Customize text messages in Templates

The email templates that JEMH uses start out as JIRA default templates.  The HTML version of these templates use macros to do the complex building of markup to support the required text/feature.  The macros are defined on the JIRA filesystem, customizing those resources directly means that its a customization that will have to be made again and again on update.  If JEMH TemplateSets are used, the 'configuration' of that change can be made within JEMH alone subject to every template needing the change being a custom TemplateSet in JEMH (disconnected from JIRA updates at that point).


Example TemplateSet content:

#defaultMailHeaderWithParam("email.event.activity.closed.issue", $changelogauthor, $resolution)

JIRA Options

Modify the i18n message bundle, a quick grep on JIRA_INSTALL/atlassian-jira:

find . -type f -exec grep -H "email.event.activity.closed.issue" {} \;

Shows the location of the bundle for email.event.activity.closed.issue


JEMH Options

  • just pass the text you want in side the double quotes

  • define the text in your template, and pass a reference:

  • getting creative, you can also create a JEMH User Macro that returns just the content required,

Then call the macro