Configure Inbound Mail for JEMH


As yet, your JIRA has no POP/IMAP Servers configured, and no JEMH Profile associated with that Server.


Atlassian documentation

This configuration is covered in more detail in Configuring JIRA to Receive Email from a POP or IMAP. What is shown below is a 'quick start' and is specific to JEMH.

Since Jira 9.9.0 ( Jira platform now supports O365 Graph as an inbound protocol.


Setup an Inbound Mail Server

Inbound Mail Servers

JIRA Inbound Mail Servers are configuration that JIRA needs to talk to the mailbox. JIRA, when it finds mail, invokes Mail Handlers.

Create an Inbound mail server

Go to JIRA > System > Incoming Mail.

This will show current mail servers, or none, if you have yet to configure them.

Enter inbound mail server details

Click on the Add mail server button:

Then enter the details of the incoming mail server you wish to add:

Example Value:

Test the connection, expect to see the following, then Click Add:

Click Add

Click Add Incoming Mail Handler

Enter the details and hit Next:

Select the Source as the Inbound Mail Server just created

Select the JEMH Profile to be invoked from the list

All done:

Forward email

Forward Email

Looking at the forward email (below) you'll see a curious address This is JEMH satisfying the requirement to provide a value, yet not doing that. JEMH manages all fail communication and does not involve JIRA directly. See the Configuration/Notifications/Forward User for the actual user (rather than an email address).

You're done. Go send a test mail to the real mailbox. Results there should be identical to the JEMH Test Cases.