Create a TestCase


Using JEMH test cases allows administrators to check the configuration of JEMH is working as expected. This provides a built in alternative to sending test emails from an external source.

For additional information about Test Cases see:

Click Test Cases which is located on the main JEMH toolbar.

Creating a new Test Case

  • Select 'Create'

  • Specify a profile to run the test case against

  • Add a comment describing the test case if you wish

  • Add valid email content including required headers (see below example)

Creating Test Case from existing file

  • Click Create New from the man Test Case screen

  • Choose a profile to run the test case against

  • Under the File section click Browse...

  • Select a valid email file (typically .txt or .eml) and click Open

  • Click Create to submit the file as a test case

Incorrect File Type/Corrupt File

This error message may appear if you choose an invalid file that JEMH cannot parse as a valid email.

Running your Test Case

To execute a test case, mouse over an existing test case and click the green play icon to the right of it.

You will then be shown the Run Result screen, which gives the user details on what happened when the test case was run against the profile.

A successful test case execution may look like this:

Whereas an unsuccessful test case execution may look like this.  Notice that when this occurs, JEMH gives hints as to why the problem occurred:


Helpful Tips

  • A test case must be associated with a JEMH profile in order to execute.

  • Make sure that one of the recipients of the test case email is your profiles CatchEmail Address

  • If the test case cannot be associated with an existing issue, your profile must specify in some way what project this email should be associated with