Diagnose Issue Creation Failure

The following is a test to help diagnose and issue creation failure:

Create a new project

  • Create a new project (Simple Issue Tracking) that uses the default Simple Issue Tracking Workflow.

  • Validate that as the expected default reporter that you can create an issue interactively through JIRA by clicking the create button at the top of the screen.

  • Create a new JEMH profile

    • Set the Profile>User : Default Reporter as the user tested above.

    • Set the Profile>Project : Fall-back Project as tested above.

  • Create a JEMH testcase (using the profile just created) and set the from address to one tested above.

  • Run the testcase and an issue should have been created.

Validate email address

If an issue wasn't created use the user manager to search for users with the email address used above. There should be only one!

Validate project permissions

Ensure that the default reporter has the correct project permissions to create/edit issues.

Validate workflow

If you suspect that a workflow was causing the previous issue creation failure then switch the default workflow for the suspected one and run the testcase again (an issue should be created).