Missing Methods in TemplateIssue Class since Jira 8.19.0

Since Jira 8.19.0 some methods have been moved from the TemplateIssue class to a parent class (GenericIssueWrapper). As part of this refactor a method was dropped which could affect existing custom Template Sets created through JEMH that depend on the $issue object.

Dropped Method

getCustomField(String Id)

Templates relying on this method will not be able to retrieve Custom Fields directly from the $issue object. As a workaround we recommend replacing any uses of this method with $customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObject(String id) . See:

Before Jira 8.19.0

#set($myCustomField = $issue.getCustomField("customfield_10100"))

After Jira 8.19.0

#set($myCustomField = $customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObject("customfield_10100"))



The following documentation shows the available methods available for the TemplateIssue class, before and after the API change.

Before Jira 8.19.0

After Jira 8.19.0