Setup all JIRA account holder recipients as watchers


An inbound email address can arrive at a mailbox with a range of email addresses, in to:, cc: even bcc:, some of those will be related to JIRA account holders, some will be to people without JIRA accounts. This scenario is specifically dealing with the simple case of JIRA account holders.


locate the Configuration/Email section of your profile:

Edit the Email section:

Edit the Addressee Processing, select toWatcher

Save email settings

Create a test case, associated with the Profile above:

Save and run the test case:

View the issue:

  • In this issue there are two watchers, this is because

    • notest@localhost does not hold a JIRA account

    • _root@localhost is the default user, which isn't a useful addition

View the watchers to the issue

See the current watchers

  • NOTE: the sender got added as a watcher due to this configuration (see Configuration/User):