Use customized event templates

 Since 1.7.38

Prior to JEMH 1.7.38, JEMH only supported DEFAULT selection for standard JIRA events, in 1.7.38, this improves, allowing administrators to use file system templates as the 'default', content, external to JEMH TemplateSets.

JIRA Email Template definitions

JIRA defines all email templates within %JIRA_INST%/WEB-INF/classes/email-template-id-mappings.xml, looking like:

<!-- this file should be updated in sync with and EventType table --> <templatemappings> <templatemapping id="1"> <name>Issue Created</name> <template>issuecreated.vm</template> <templatetype>issueevent</templatetype> </templatemapping> ... </templatemappings>

Creating new Event instances

JEMH uses the static file names for standard events (1-17) however, if you define new ones with an ID > 10000, then JEMH can use the declared file name as the DEFAULT source for Issue Event notifications.  In order for these definitions to be used, as a JIRA System Admin, you need to create an Event within JIRA, that uses the definitions as the template - i.e. defining them is not enough, you need to create instances of them in JIRA > System > Events.

When creating instances of the events, the ID set in the email-template-id-mappings.xml file is ignored, new IssueEvent types are created with ID's starting at 10,000.