Customize Templates based on recipient project role membership


You want your templates to be different depending on whether a recipient of the notification is a member of a particular JIRA project role.


The following velocity script will render different content depending on the whether or not the recipient is a member of a certain project role (in this example whether or not they are a member of the Service Desk Customers role). This script can be adapted into a user macro which will make the maintenance of the script easier and quicker.

To change the role the script is check for, replace the "Service Desk Customers" with "YOUR PROJECT ROLE".

#if($allRoles.isUserInProjectRole($recipientUser,$allRoles.getProjectRole("Service Desk Customers"),$issue.getProjectObject()) == true) Hello there Customer #else Hello there Agent #end

Additional Recipients

@since 2.1.13

In 2.1.13 we add some more helper methods in $jemhUtils, to enable scripted recipient inclusion.

$jemhUtils.addRecipientsFromRole("TYPE", "ISSUE-KEY", project, "ROLE_NAME") $jemhUtils.addRecipientAddress("TYPE", "ADDRESS_CSV") $jemhUtils.addRecipientGroup("TYPE", "GROUPNAME")


This method appends all Actor users found within the given role to to notification being rendered.  NOTE: the project parameter is the project object:

$jemhUtils.addRecipientsFromRole("to", $issue.getKey(), $issue.getProjectObject(),"Developers")


This method appends the given recipients to outbound notification being rendered.  Recipients can only be smtp addresses of format XXXX@YYYY, additional recipients may be listed, using comma as a separator:


This method appends all members of the given group to outbound notification being rendered.  No consideration is given to whether the user is otherwise listed as a recipient:

Editing the Workflow Postfunction

The postfunction has a Mail Header Velocity Script.

When the Preview Context issue is set at the top, you can validate the logic you use to determine if the inclusion will work or not (here we just show the related issuekey and project)

About $issue

$issue is a TemplateIssue, see the docs for available methods.

Edit Time


When an issuekey is in context, you can preview, here to show that the project object is actually present:

Edit an Ad-Hoc Notification

Ad-Hoc notifications can be customized with velocity. You may want to send an Ad-Hoc notification to members of a project role for example.

Enable the advanced Content Editor so you can modify velocity

Customise velocity content to notify members of a project role

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