Automatically Assign a New Issue to a Sprint


When a new issue is created in JEMH in a Jira Software project, by default it will be added to the Backlog. Instead you may want to have this issue assigned to the current active sprint, or a specific sprint. There are two options for this:

#1 - Custom Field Default

The first option is to use a Custom Field Default in your Project Mapping. This means that all issues created using this Project Mapping will be given the value that you have assigned for the Sprint field. To do this, go to JEMH -> Profiles -> Configure -> Project Mappings -> Edit (Pencil Icon) -> Custom Field Defaults, click 'New Custom Field Default', click Edit, choose 'Sprint' for the Custom Field, choose 'Simple Text Value' for Field Value Type and finally add the value you want.

With this option you can either assign the issue to the active Sprint or a specific Sprint using the Sprint name.

Specific Sprint

The format of the value is very important, you need to use both the Board Name and the Sprint Name in this format:

Board Name:Sprint Name

Like this example:

Active Sprint

For the current active Sprint to be assigned, you only need to use the Board Name:

Board Name

JEMH will automatically locate the active Sprint and use this.


Once you have done this, click Submit. Now any mail that uses this Project Mapping will create issues with your Sprint name automatically assigned.

#2 - Directives

Another option is to use the '@' Field Processor. This requires all mail to contain a key and a value. To enable this, go to JEMH -> Profiles -> Configure -> Field Processors and turn on 'At(@) Prefix'. Click save at the bottom, now go to the Directives tab and make sure 'Directive Processing Behaviour' is set to 'On Create' or 'On Create and Comment', click save.

For this to work, all incoming mail must contain a key and a value, in the format "@key=value". In this case, the key is "@sprint" and the value would be "Board Name:Sprint Name". Example:

@sprint=NHFG board:Test Sprint

JEMH will analyze the mail, see this key and value and then assign the Sprint name to the field for the created issue.