Use the JEMH Transition Attachments Custom Field


Since 1.6.19 JEMH has a custom field to solve a common workflow issue: how to add an attachment that will be distributed by a post-function.  Previously, JEMH had to use time as a factor to locate recent issues, but now it is possible for users to select existing attachments in a transition window, in order for those attachments to be sent out with the post-function.

How it works

Users select custom fields during a workflow transition, JEMH uses this in its post-function to mail out notifications and include given attachments.  After values have been extracted, the custom field is silently cleared.

Setting up the Transition Attachments Custom Field

Create the Custom Field

Firstly, create the JEMH Transition Attachment custom field:

Customize the workflow

In this example, the ITIL workflow is used.  The example transition to work on for the custom field will be the Close transition:

Modify the Close Transition screen

The Transition screen needs to have the JEMH field added, select the Transition (Close):

Now select the Screen: Resolve Issue Screen -3.


Check the Postfunction is AFTER the issue reindex

Always put JEMH Postfunctions after the re-index of the issue

It will workIt WILL NOT work

Update the JEMH Postfunction to use this field

For initial set-up, see Use the JEMH Post Function, edit the custom field configuration and select the Transition Custom Field in the Attachments section:

Not SelectedSelected

Test it!

Whilst the Transition custom field expects values to be present in a transition, its possible to 'test' the configuration if the field contains a current value (only possible if you can 'get' at a screen containing the field for a given issue).  If you pre-select attachments (e.g. show field on default screen), the PostFunction test context can be set to that issue (e.g. ABC-123), and all features will function as expected - including the field being cleared of value after execution.

The Post function clears the custom field value on execution.

(info) reimplemented from a historic simple select to a sortable tabulated view with download capability:

Standard View - (1) shows the expand iconAfter Expansion

Save it

After saving, the configuration it could like like:

Activate your changes!

Don’t forget to active your workflow changes by publishing your draft!

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