What happens when you run out of disk space


When you have low storage capacity in Jira it will result in the mail failing to be processed as JEMH was not able to create an audit event and was not able to add the attachments as a copy of the email is stored on the disk space.

Storage Capacity check

Since 3.3.12

Since version 3.3.12 JEMH will check if the storage capacity is above 250MB and if it is below 250MB then it will result in a Forward outcome being sent to the forward user and not further emails will be processed until the storage is resolved. This will keep the mail within the mailbox so the mail is not lost

Storage issues with JEMH versions before 3.3.12

Before JEMH 3.3.12 there was no check to ensure that the email could be processed and when there was insufficient storage capacity it was seen as a low level issue and resulted in the email being removed from the mailbox and a forward notification being sent. The forward notifications are sent to the forward users that defined within Profile > Notifications and included the original email so that they could be examined and reprocessed.

Reprocessing attached email from forward notification

To reprocess the email you will need to download the attached emails from the forward notifications and add then to a folder within [jira.home]/import/mail.

Multiple folders are required if you have multiple Profiles configured in JEMH.

Once the emails files have been added into the folders then a mail handler is need to read the mail from the folder.

Select a Profile to process these emails.

Once configured JEMH will then process these emails and will create an audit event for each email. Which can be found within JEMH > Auditing.