Using LDAP in Notification templates

Since 3.3.13


This article shows how JEMH Notification Templates can embed or customise notification content based on data from LDAP queries, based on configurations created in the JEMH > LDAP section. This will work with:


JEMH Version 3. 3.13 (Jira 8+)

You should already have a functioning LDAP configuration in JEMH.

Example to get nominated set of attributes

since 3.3.46

<h3>Get Named Atts Only</h3> #set($requiredAttributes = ["sAMAccountName","distinguishedName","mail", "memberOf"]) #set($namedAttResults = $jemhUtils.getLdap(1).getUserAttributes("(sAMAccountName=andy)", $requiredAttributes)) <p>Got $namedAttResults.size() attributes:</p> <p> <UL> <LI>mail = $namedAttResults.get("sAMAccountName").get(0)</LI> <LI>distinguishedName = $namedAttResults.get("distinguishedName").get(0)</LI> <LI>mail = $namedAttResults.get("mail").get(0)</LI> <LI>memberOf = $namedAttResults.get("memberOf").get(0)</LI> </UL> </p>

Example output



Currently, retrieved data is not cached, every invocation triggers a call to the remote server. If your notifications are in response to interactive user actions, their user interfaces experience could be degraded as the user ‘submit’ doesn’t complete until the notifications have been rendered and queued for delivery.

A future feature has been logged to add cache support :