Update JEMH Profile via XML

SINCE 3.1.3


Update JEMH Profile via XML provides the control of being able to make bulk changes to the Profile Export (XML file) and then use the same XML file to apply the changes over to the JEMH Profile. These changes can be applied to both independent and group Profiles.

Update from XML

Update From XML button will remain disabled if Profile Auditing is not enabled. The key purpose behind this is to provide a Audit record of the Profile when making bulk changes as this will allow you to reverse the change if unexpected changes were applied to the Profile itself.

Once Profile Auditing is enabled, the button should no longer be disabled and you should be able to access the feature.

Update XML Dialog

Once you are ready, click on the Update From XML button to obtain the above dialog. From there, you will need to upload the Profile XML file and hit Update. An audit record would be created within the Profile Auditing to review the changes which were made.

Important info:

  • New IDs will be generated for some of the components (i.e. Rules, Project Mapping, Catch Email Address and so on); however, this will not contribute towards any functional impact on the Profile (if it does, you should immediately Restore the original Profile and review the changes closely)

  • Validation - when you are updating from XML, we will perform a small validation in which we will compare the original Profile ID (from JEMH) against the Profile ID in the XML file to confirm that we are updating the original profile. Failing this validation will result in an error stating the same

  • Invalid XML - if changes were made to the XML are to be invalid, an error will be thrown stating the same information and Profile Update will not be made.