Notify JIRA users of Issue Creation (regardless of "Notify me of my actions")


JIRA account holders have a user-level preference that controls whether they are to be notified of their actions, this includes submitted emails.  It is usually desirable to be able to notify the sender of the issue creation (in JEMH's case, the CUSTOM_EVENT), which 'ignores' user preferences.  User preferences should thereafter be followed to avoid spamming.


JEMH Profiles contain an Notifications > Override 'Dont Notify me of My Actions' field, which was legacy and originally applied to just the Profile driven issue created notifications, until now, this value was also 'attempted' to be used in the JEMH Event Listener, the problem was that the association between the Profile (to find this value) and the issue KEY was only previously kept in the Auditing tables (requiring auditing enabled for this approach to work), even then, the overall solution was imperfect as there was insufficient control over which events were notified.


New In JEMH 1.5.45 (JIRA 6.1+) The Event Listener configuration for JIRA notifications now do not rely on the profile field, enabling per Event Listener Project Mapping to control what events users should be notified of regardless of their user preferences, the two fields are:

Notify Me Condition

The Notify Me Condition field applies to the initiating user of the related event.  It has three choices:

  • userPreference – means user preferences will be honoured

  • always – means user preferences will be ignored, and users will always receive notifications (for all events)

  • forSelectedEvents – means user preferences will be honoured, except for specific events (e.g. custom JEMH event)

Notify Me Events

The Notify Me Events applies only when the Notify Me Condition is set to forSelectedEvents, its a multi-select.  For this example scenario the JEMH custom event would be selected to always notify users of the issue created but thereafter do not.


Here is an example screen with a few events set:


Currently this is specific to JIRA account holders (whether they have right to use or not)  extending this same feature to email only uses would solve the similar case for them too.