Know what template/macro data JEMH is caching

JEMH Caches templates and user macro content for performance, these are replaced over time, but, until now, there wasn't a way of just checking what was in there, now there is (admin authorized users only):


In 1.7.19, there is new diagnostic REST API, not integrated with the UI (yet)

Output lists templates and macros, including their individual sizes, and a summary of overall size


{templateStatus: [{ cssSource: 0, commentHeader: false, transportKey: "default-email", issueEvent: 6, subjectLen: 53, textLen: 659, htmlLen: 599, name: "Standard event template", id: 1, type: 1 }], userMacroStatus: [{ cachedKeyCount: 0, userMacroLength: 0 }], templateCachedCount: 1, templateCachedDataSize: 1311, macroCachedCount: 1, macroCachedDataSize: 0 }