Disable Mail Threading using Ad-hoc and/or Post Function


A major issue has been marked completed in Project A but it must be sent over to Project B for developers to conduct further investigation.

Method #1

  • Run a test case against Profile A to generate an issue in Project A

  • Using Ad-hoc, send the notification to Mail Handler configured against Profile B

  • Navigate JEMH → Auditing 

  • Check the last mail and click Report

A similar error message should be encountered stating the user has no involvement with Project A.

Navigate JEMH → Auditing. Find the mail and click Export and open the file

The mail headers In-Reply-To and References and Issue Key in the subject are the key to associate with the issue residing in Project A.

To bypass this aspect, you'll need to:

  • Remove the issue key from the subject to stop association and/or change/limit the Regex value for Subject IssueKey (comment) Regexps which will only associate with the issue key to it's project i.e. \bSPA-[0-9]+\b

  • Disable Threading Checking - JEMH → Email →Pre-processing → Disable Thread Checking 

Now, navigate - JEMH → Message Filters

Disable the X-JIRA-FINGERPRINT filter option as the mail should get picked up by Project B. One thing you must note that disabling this filter can result in mail loops as this option has been disabled globally.

Method #2

From JEMH 3.0.3+, a new feature has been implemented which will stop including the following mail headers: 

  • In-Reply-to 

  • References 

This function can be found within the JEMH Ad-Hoc Notification screen under the Settings tab when sending a Ad-Hoc message:

Additionally, this is also located within the Workflow Post function screen located under Workflows → Edit → Corresponding Transition → Post Functions - either add a new post function or edit the existing post function:

Notice the difference in both of the mail headers:

Disable Mail Threading On

Disable Mail Threading Off

Disable Mail Threading On

Disable Mail Threading Off

Now, navgiate JEMH → Profile → Project Mapping → Edit corresponding project → Email

Set the X-JIRA-Fingerprint to allow. This option is now applicable on Project levels whereas to before it was only applicable Globally.